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Talk Radio Europe - The Book Show - Helene Fermont

I am very much looking forward to my interview for The Book Show with Hannah Murray tomorrow. It is on Talk Radio Europe. The literary magazine show goes out from 6pm BST (7pm CET). It promises to be a fascinating hour of book talk and insights. We will be discussing my work to date and my upcoming title – His Guilty Secret – as I have just announced that it will be published later this year on November 6th.

In particular we will talk about the issues faced by the protagonist in my latest novel –We Never Said Goodbye – about the repercussions of marital separation in later life including the importance for women of being financially independent. It is still painful when someone you’ve invested in for a long time suddenly leaves but so much easier to not have to worry about finances, bills and keeping a roof over one’s head…as my characters discover.

Please do tune in! If you cannot make it tomorrow, The Book Show will be repeated this Saturday, 8th July from 7pm BST (80pm CET).

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