People can deceive you and manipulate you, either men or women, no one told us the different and these kind of people disguise themselves so well that you will never know who they are until you’re already entangled.

This is such a powerful writing, such a great book to be given to our sons and daughters.

Don’t think that the book is sad or too frightful, no!! Read His Guilty Secret as it will give you strength to fight back and be strong.

A huge praise for Helene Fermont and this book is truly a masterpiece.

Alejandra’s Life *****

I haven’t read a good, epic story of a life in way too long and I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed them until I started reading Because of You. It was so completely different from the books I’ve been drawn to as of late. It was an emotional, yet sometimes dark journey alongside Hannah Stein. The novel follows her during the majority of her adult life, and the reader experiences all the highs and lows of her life right beside her…

I was very invested in Hannah’s life and eager to see where she would end up. As much as I wanted to see how it would end, I was sad to say goodbye to Hannah and her friends and family when it was all over. This is a story of love, friendship and family. A story of one woman’s fascinating life experiences and how she copes with all the pain and loss that comes with simply living life.

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…an impressive début from a promising author.

Amazon Review ****

Giving the reader a full and detailed account of the love story of Hannah and Ben, starting in 1970’s London and spanning the course of three decades,
Fermont creates a beautiful generational set of characters, from young Hannah, to her glamourous mother and her matriarchal and adored grand-mother (whom I have to say was probably my favourite character, I loved her aged wisdom.)

Along with the very good characters, naturally, must come some very bad. And bad they are. I was pleased to discover why they were so callous and heartless, the author gives us plenty of explanation as to why they act the way they do – if you are never shown real love, how can you understand what it is?

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There are many tough subjects tackled in the novel, such as death and rape and leave you feeling deeply sorry for those affected by them. On the other hand the uplifting moments are brilliantly written and empathy invoking leaving you with a warm contented feeling.

S Dexter*****

A good debut novel with strong characters and an interesting story line that takes you through Hannah’s life. Being set between London and Malmo gives it extra interest and its clear the author knows both cities. A variety of interesting themes are covered and the plot hs an arc that reaches a solid conclusion at the end – no irritating loose ends. Interested to see what the author produces next.

Amanda Napper•••••

Great book for by the pool or the beach. A decade by decade stroll through fashion and cultures, switching from England to Sweden with Jewish cuisine on the side. A story about life and loves – and why are the bad boys always more exciting?

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I read the book in two days – what a page-turner! The book has many psychological twists following a few characters through part of their lives in Sweden and England dealing with their complex relationships – highs and lows. Being a fan, when is the next book coming out?

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There is a darker side to this novel – mainly from Hannah’s boyfriend Mark when she first arrived in London and after a while we see that he’s becoming quite controlling and then obsessed with her. Later in the novel Hannah suffers at the hands of an obsessive colleague who won’t take no for an answer. Because of You doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and, although at times the storylines were hard to read, it was actually good to see these issues covered in contemporary fiction because these things do happen to people in real life.

Because of You is a great mix of contemporary fiction and noir. I’d recommend this novel to anyone who loves long novels that are cross genre. I’ll certainly be looking out for more books by Helene Fermont in the future, I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next!

Rather Too Fond of Books ****

The book is full of realism and covers some complex moral issues. I found it a very captivating read.

Amazon Review *****

This book was absolutely incredible from start to finish. i could not put it down after i picked it up. The story line was beautiful, following Hannah and others though her life journey between Sweden and London, through countless twists and turns, ups and downs. It may have become deep and dark at times, but for Hannah there were always uplifting moments waiting for her. This is a terrific story of life and love but most importantly truth.

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If you like an engaging story with characters that draw you in you’ll love this book! Helene gives us a description of real life with its high points and its challenges. The intimacy of the events that unfold creates emotion and also makes you think about the issues. Some of the stories within the story are painful but ultimately this is about survival, handling what life throws at you and becoming stronger.

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Some of the scenes were very uncomfortable to read. However, I found the book as a whole very readable and enjoyed the sense of time and being with people through a large part of their lives, it was powerful to read about situations that many authors would shy away from.

Mrs Average Evaluates***