My name is Helene Fermont and I am an Anglo-Swedish author and blogger. You can find out more about me here.

My first three novels are contemporary women’s fiction, primarily within the Romantic Suspense genre but with a Scandi Noir twist. My fourth novel will be out soon! You can read more about each one and extracts from my novels here.

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My books

His Guilty Secret

From my blog

Vive La Difference!

Are you of the same opinion? The Me Too movement is great and well overdue. In 2018 the increasingly common abuse and assault of women

Compliments and Caring Go a Long Way

When was the last time you received a compliment or, indeed, caring for someone in a way that made them feel special? In a stressful

Romantic Living

I still believe in love and romance despite what goes on around me in an ever increasing dangerous and stressful society. Love and being with