An Update: Relocating and Writing a New Novel!

Hi everyone, and thank you for all the recent comments and reviews of my third novel His Guilty Secret. I’m touched and very humbled by your kind comments and reviews.

Currently, I’m getting ready to relocate to my native Sweden and home town Malmö to continue to work on my fourth novel. It’s a crime novel set in Norway with my usual strong characters and very exciting plot. The novel will be published later this year so watch this space!

Judging by the feedback from the recent blog tours I wish to expand on what’s written about me, my genre and writing style for those of you who wonder what kind of author I am and which genre I write.

I’m partly Scandinavian ( Anglo – Swedish ) and my writing’s similar to other Scandi authors yet different as my focus is on the characters, their background, issues and journey. Up to date my novels deal with relatable themes and subject matters that are genuine, emotive and identifiable to an extent. Everyone experiences what my characters go through, their pain and joy whether personally or from another person’s perspective. My novels are fictitious, exciting and thought provoking.

In my recent blog about my Writing Inspiration I mention the importance of empathising with my characters as if I’m there with them, experiencing their dilemmas and roller coast adventures. Larger than life characters that linger in the heart and mind are what matter most to me and I’ve frequently altered a story line to fit with my protagonists rather than the other way round. My novels have to strike a chord with people, make them feel they’re part of events and capable of identifying with my characters, understand what makes them act and behave like they do and what it takes to change and find happiness after everything they’ve endured.

I decided to venture into writing a psychological thriller with a strong crime element.

Initially, I challenged myself to write a crime novel featuring a different narrative than the usual Malmö/London and recently Paris setting. Norway is the perfect setting for brutal hideous crimes against the back drop of the beautiful nature and scenery and the cast are just as multi dimensional as my current novels characters. This is a story with unexpected twists and turns where no one and nothing is what it seems. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

I also hope you will enjoy reading my current novels. I have written them back to back and decided to take a short break before embarking on the next novel yet somehow couldn’t as the new storyline and protagonists appear in my mind each time I attempt to do something else! The notebook’s full of details and I’ve written several drafts.

The final draft will be completed in Malmö prior to editing the novel.

Writing is my passion and I’m so fortunate to be able to do what I love. Working as psychologist and author are the perfect combination as I get the opportunity to meet wonderful people and write in my spare time, every chance I get.

When in Sweden later this month, I’ll focus on writing and take some time off work. That way I will be able to give my full attention to a novel that requires much research and possibly even a trip to Oslo and Bergen where all the action is centred.

I also hope to get the time to reacquaint myself with my birth city which I left behind when I moved to London in the 90s. My gorgeous cat, Teddy, is coming with me. I’d be lost without him as he’s my writing companion and inspires me to write when I’m tired and require encouragement to continue. He really is the perfect friend and my fur baby.

I’m so very grateful to every one of you for reading and engaging with my characters journeys and stories. It means the world to me as author and person that you take the time and effort to connect with me and the genre. I very much look forward to continuing my author journey with you and updating you on the progress of my fourth novel.

Wishing all of you a lovely Easter break and all the very best.

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