Are You Addicted To Technology?

I frequently meet and counsel people with addictions. Alcohol, and other drugs such as sleeping tablets and tranquillisers which are very addictive.

Yet nowadays, technology has become a favourite pastime and just as addictive and hard to restrict and get under control.

I’ve met many people whose lives centre around the latest gadgets, digital trends and inability to sleep for fear of missing out on something 24/7. Being addicted to something robs people of a life.

It saddens me so many people, irrelevant of age, devote their lives to living in cyberspace.

Technology and the web are wonderful if used in moderation. But when someone or something controls and dictates our daily lives, everything evolves around it.

Addictions rob people of their lives.

As an author I spend much time working on my novels, blogs and everything else that’s expected of me. The difference is, I know when to stop and continue the next day. That way my writing and daily jobs don’t become boring as I get sufficient time to sleep, relax and spend time with family and friends.

The Internet is wonderful. Just bear in mind all technical advances in the world don’t compete with real life experiences and participation.

Hélene xx

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