Author Branding and My New Book Covers!

So, now that my terrific new graphic designer completed the new book covers of my current three novels, I’m so very excited to share them with you!

The existent book covers that are for sale on Amazon ( Kindle and Paperback ) are the only ones available to purchase currently. The old book covers are lovely yet not as representative of my genre: Contemporary Fiction with a psychological twist.

Because of You

London 1978: eighteen year old Hannah Stein arrives in London from her native Sweden. The city is alive with the last days of disco and Hannah throws herself into the club world, forging friendships and finding passion with hot-headed womaniser, Mark Copeck. But, Hannah’s affections are called into conflict when she meets Ben Issacs, an upcoming lawyer who immediately falls for her. Hannah has to make a choice and her choice eventually leads to heartbreak. She returns home to Malmo to pursue her dreams of teaching. Yet, even as the years pass, Hannah discovers that some loves are too great to be forgotten.

When Hannah finds love again she finally allows herself to believe that she has found her place in the world. But life doesn’t always work out as planned. Hannah’s happiness is threatened by cruel twists of fate and figures from the past determined to tear her world apart. Will Hannah be able to find the strength to carry on? Will her love endure? An epic, absorbing, morally-complex, cross-generational novel spanning thirty-six years, Because Of You explores the themes of fate and destiny, enduring love and violent obsession, acceptance and redemption, the power of family to guide and heal and the way in which our lives are shaped by the people we encounter and the way we, in turn, shape the lives of those around us.

Because of You by Hélene Fermont is available now, from Amazon and all good bookshops, priced £9.99 in paperback and £3.99 as an eBook.

We Never Said Goodbye

When Louise is dumped by Mike on their twentieth wedding anniversary, she faces the daunting task of picking up the pieces of her life. She can either choose to persevere in her adopted hometown of London, bolstered by dear friends and the fashion business she loves, or return to her native Sweden alone. Can she find happiness with an old flame in a city she avoided for two decades? Or will her ex’s violent, criminal past haunt her forever?

As Mike become increasingly unhinged, the choices Louise makes could prove fatal. Will she ever be able to say goodbye to the past and start afresh?

We Never Said Goodbye by Hélene Fermont was published on 6th April 2017 and available now from Amazon and all good bookshops, priced £9.99 in paperback and £3.99 as an eBook.

His Guilty Secret

Secrets & Lies Are Dangerous

When Jacques’s body is discovered in a hotel room his wife, Patricia, suspects he has been hiding something from her. Why was he found naked and who is the woman that visited his grave on the day of the funeral? Significantly, who is the unnamed beneficiary Jacques left a large sum of money to in his will and what is the reason her best friend, also Jacques’s sister, Coco, refuses to tell her what he confided to her?

Struggling to find out the truth, Patricia visits Malmö where her twin sister Jasmine lives and is married to her ex boyfriend. But the sisters relationship is toxic and when a family member dies shortly after, an old secret is revealed that shines a light on an event that took place on their tenth birthday. As one revelation after another is revealed, Patricia is yet to discover her husband’s biggest secret and what ultimately cost him his life.

His Guilty Secret is an unafraid examination of the tangled bonds between siblings, the lengths we go to in protecting our wrongdoings, and the enduring psychological effects this has on the innocent…and the not so innocent.

His Guilty Secret by Hélene Fermont is available now from Amazon and all good bookshops, priced £9.99 in paperback and £3.99 as an eBook.

My New Novel

My up and coming novel is a psychological thriller set in Norway with an eclectic and intriguing cast of characters whose lives are turned upside down when a serial killer returns to haunt three intended victims. It’s an exciting pacy novel where everyone’s got a secret past that stems from one fateful night’s events that took place many years ago. It is a story that will keep readers guessing until the end.

Meanwhile, I as always look forward to your comments on my current novels, irrelevant of which book covers appeal most.

Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and Happy Reading!

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