The Blog Tour begins: Alejandra’s Life

Warmest thanks to Alejandra at the Alejandra’s Life Blog for her beautifully thoughtful appraisal of His Guilty Secret this morning. I could not be more delighted. It is such a race to get to publication that when it comes to it, you hardly know how to slow down and take in the words of those who have actually read and enjoyed something that has taken so much metaphorical blood and sweat. But I can tell you that it is such a fantastic feeling!

His Guilty Secret was not an easy book to write. As usual, I do not shy away from subjects that are controversial or uncomfortable in my writing but I care very much about the human issues that I raise awareness for in my work and I always hope that that comes across. Clearly, Alejandra thought that it did describing it as “so gripping and so strong” and what author could possibly not be delighted at having their novel declared a “masterpiece“? My eternal gratitude to Alejandra and to all those who continue to follow and support me here and on social media! Have a lovely Monday! Hx

The title is currently available for pre-order here: and will be published via Fridhem Publishing on the 27th of November. Please add your email to the mailing list field on the Home page if you want to recieve spam-free updates direct to your inbox.

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