Cooking Up A Storm

I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and cuisines. Cooking relaxes me and makes me think clearly. Frequently, I come up with new story ideas while busy preparing a three course meal for friends and family.

Recently, between writing and conferences, I attended an Italian cookery class. It felt great to learn how to make my favourite food; pasta sauces, casseroles and desserts. We were a small group of people, among them chefs wishing to extend their repertoire as well as people of all ages and backgrounds, each keen to learn basic and advanced cooking.

It was great fun to taste each other’s concoctions and give moral support when required. Honestly, I never realised how much planning and putting together a menu matter to the end result – normally, I just make-do with left-overs in the fridge and rustle up food I feel comfortable to cook!

After the short intense cookery class I’ve become more adventurous and test new recipes on family and friends. Best of all, I get the opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and create my own versions of other people’s sought after recipes.

Learning a new skill and setting aside time for interests and passions, enhance and inspire us to live our best life.

Hélene xx

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