Do We Live In An Ageist Society

I frequently meet girlfriends and clients who feel out of place in today’s world.

How come so many feel alone and invisible? In 2018 women ought to be proud of everything we’ve accomplished, instead of disrespected and overlooked. Physical appearance, income and multifaceted obligations are part of daily life in an increasingly stressful society.

I’m very outspoken about how much I stress the importance of having a separate bank account and professional identity. Without both the chances are a woman will be dependent on a man for everything. Only by having your own income, a job and people who care about you when life’s tough will you be able to actively choose who and what you want to engage with.

But what about the way women of a certain age are perceived? Youthful appearance, hair style and general attitude to life? Surely, in this time and age, with everything developing so fast, high technology and the ability to reach out to people everywhere, old dated values and attitudes ought to follow suit.

Sadly, this is rarely the case. Certainly, some cultures and religions demand a code of behaviour which is fine with me. Respect and open mindedness mean a lot to me, but what about people who are judged and overlooked because they’re of a mature age?

Many 40+ women feel they don’t belong and are surplus to requirement. It’s a fact and reoccurring subject among friends and clients.

To me it’s ludicrous that women of any age should feel that way. After all, the older we get the wiser. Yet it’s much too common to be judged by a number than who we are and what we’ve accomplished nowadays.

Age equates wisdom and experience, the knowledge nothing lasts forever and unless we have something to fall back on apart from our looks, financial success and others expectations of who we ought to be, life becomes very dull and unfulfilling.

I meet wonderful, intelligent, accomplished and attractive women on a regular basis. Women who for some reason feel disrespected and ignored because they’re of a mature age. Middle aged and no longer considered to be as attractive and interesting as when they were younger. How utterly ridiculous and stupid.

Women of a mature age are high achievers, belong in the largest group of consumers AND very rarely let down their employers and colleagues as they’re free to live life as they wish with less responsibilities compared with younger women raising a family.

Please don’t think I’m ruling out mature men. So many men and women are discriminated against due to age. Well, with a bit of luck, most of us will experience the same problem unless society (people) start to recognise how much everyone, regardless of age, contribute to the economy, social
and emotional wellbeing.

My friends come from all paths of life. I don’t judge them by their age, gender and religion. They’re special people enhancing my life in numerous ways. Ultimately, it’s a human right to be treated with the same respect no matter what stage we’re at in our lives.

Live and be happy irrelevant of age and circumstances.
Hélene xx

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