Fame and Personal Fulfillment

Last week one of Sweden’s most famous musicians – Avicii – was announced dead. He was an international icon with enormous followings all over the world. His real name was Tim Bergling and everyone’s in shock someone so talented died at such a young age.

Sweden boasts many famous artists but Avicii was on a different level to most of them. His music reached a much wider audience and everyone attending his performances were in awe of his talent and genuine personality. Living in a highly technical era means musicians like him have the potential to become noticed and part of people’s lives on a much higher level than before.

Tim’s premature tragic passing got me thinking about how precious life is and how much time we waste on things that don’t matter in the long run.

It makes me sad that on one hand we’re able to access everything everywhere yet so many people feel lonely and unfulfilled. The human factor, a familiar face and sense of belonging are vital to feel fulfilled and happy. Instead many feel lonely and isolated like never before.

I’m not aware of Tim’s particular circumstances – they belong to him and his family –  but I am acutely aware of how lonely and isolated people can be nowadays.

Fame is a lonely place to be unless it’s accompanied by what truly matters to us in life. We see it all the time: Young people who audition to take part in a reality show. Many are driven to become what others view as successful.

How come others perception of what constitutes success has become more important than pursuing a personal goal and dream? And why are so many conforming to other peoples ideas of what defines success?

Depression is increasingly diagnosed in a society where success and happiness are part of each other. Yet both mean different things to different people.

Succeeding at something we’ve worked hard to achieve is fine as long as we don’t sacrifice what truly matters. Everyone needs to feel loved and a sense of belonging. Sometimes, fame and fortune come at a high cost. My thoughts go out to Avicii’s family and friends…

What’s your definition of success and how much are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve it?

Hélene X

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  • Ritu Bhathal
    2nd May 2018 - 7:30 am · Reply

    What is scary is what I read about the other day, namely that he had been linked to exposing a certain celebrity Paedophile ring, and was another in a list of celebs who died mysteriously after trying to make a stand…
    As for success, I think I had sacrificed a certain amount of social life, in order to write, and make my writing dream come true.

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