Is Your Life Ruled By Other People And Trends

Frequently, in my line of work, I come across people whose ambitions and dreams are ruled by others.

A good example is how excited someone is to achieve a dream and everything they put into making it happen. Until someone, they trust and seek advice from, point out all the negatives and how impossible it will be to succeed.

Suddenly everything they believe in and know would work out given time and perseverance comes to nothing.

Are others opinions more valid than our own?

Partly, yes.

Humans are programmed to listen and take advice from peer groups (family and friends), and good role models don’t always inspire to taking chances and risks.

It’s my view that unless we take a gamble on what truly matters to us, we’ll never know how it would have turned out.

Trends are everywhere and are the biggest reason people subscribe to current fashion, diets and everything else that take centre stage nowadays. Online activities, celebrity culture and the need to follow and copy famous role models, frequently cloud our judgement and diminish our own capabilities to make things happen and achieve something on our own.

For some reason, peer pressure and big followings matter more than trusting in our own ability to turn a dream into reality.

I always wanted to work with people which subsequently got me interested in writing my genre. It’s fascinating to come across so many different people and opinions. My curiosity in life and people have taught me to never take anyone and anything for granted. What people represent outwardly is rarely who they truly are inside. Life is full of opportunities and experiences. Fulfilment comes in many disguises and enrich lives.

So next time you confide in someone about your dreams and goals, listen to their advice and make your OWN decision. Experience is what makes us grow and with every chance comes a risk. Surely, taking a chance is better than never knowing what might have happened if we’d had the courage to follow our hearts and convictions?

Wishing all of you a lovely Summer.
Hélene xx

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