Life Transitions and Moving On

life Transitions and Moving On

Life Transitions and Moving On21st June 2018

Writing - By: jennie

Have you ever been in a situation in your life that you never imagined?

Life isn’t always going in the direction we plan and expect. People and expectations change and no matter how much we aspire to certain goals and hopes, when we achieve them they might not be what we want.

People don’t always stay together indefinitely and the career path we imagined can easily be swapped for something that’s more rewarding and fulfilling. It’s rare to stick with the same job and routines forever.

Losing someone we love, a partner, parent and close friend alters our perspective on ourselves and life. Suddenly, what used to matter doesn’t anymore. Evaluating what used to be an integral part of life and living is essential to move on. Expressing sadness, anger and frustration is necessary to move forward and eventually look back and not feel resentment and too much pain.

When life gives us lemons we make lemonade is the old saying.

To me this is so true. Where would anyone of us be if we didn’t have the strength and courage to look ahead and forward to life despite ups and downs along the way. Life changes whether we like it or not. Sometimes for the better or worse. It’s how we deal with it and manage to pull through hard times that teaches us how much we’re capable of enduring when the odds are against us.

I’ve counselled many people whose lives have been turned upside down without warning. They had no idea how someone they believed would be around forever isn’t anymore. Sometimes there are no reasonable answers and explanations. Too many chose to turn a blind eye to what’s happening in front of them and without communication there’s not much chance of improvement.

Subtle changes, the unwillingness to communicate feelings, distance between people who once were close frequently cause breakups.

Life transitions are hard yet necessary to move on. I’ve written about it in my novels where my characters life transitions strike a chord with many.

Ultimately, losing a kind of life we’re used to and filling the void of someone we love take time and lots of perseverance. Moving on while grieving a personal loss and building a new life is much more difficult later in life. The strength to rebuild a shattered life requires time and patience, the need to grieve and gradually adjust and come to terms with a new different way of life.

Life transitions are part of living and with the right support, love and understanding it’s possible to move forward and find happiness, albeit different to how things used to be.

Wishing you a lovely Summer.
Hélene x

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