Living In The Moment

I love life. Too many people plan ahead for the future not realising today is all we’ve got.

Of course, some things have to be planned and organised. I plan and organise my work commitments and novels, but apart from that, I cherish the unexpected spontaneous moments that matter here and now.

When we plan too much in advance we risk losing special times we spend on our own, or/ and with special people in our lives.

Nowadays, we’re able to surf all corners of the world. Discovering new adventures and making plans we were unable to even dream of before. It’s wonderful to be and feel part of a bigger community yet I frequently wonder at what cost? Having the opportunity to connect with other people and different contexts ought not to matter as much as nurturing and being in touch with the people and places close to us.

Living in the moment is all about enjoying what I have now: Playing with my darling cat, Teddy; a walk in a park; driving along the coastline; watching birds fly high up in the sky. Making the most of the unexpected and daily activities we take for granted yet miss when they’re not part of our lives.

I’m just as guilty of postponing personal satisfaction while participating with the usual Cyberspace-numerous-options to escape from the ordinary daily events.

But is it really as exciting and life-enhancing as we’re inclined to believe?

After my initial excitement wore off I started to appreciate the here and now much more than ever. Connecting in a broader context is fine as long as we don’t forget living in the moment and value what we have.

Hélene xx

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