Manipulative Partners

What saddens and angers me more than anything is when I find out someone I care about is in a controlling relationship.

It happens to women and men and has no bearing on whether easily influenced and controlled. Whether confident or insecure, some people are experts in manipulation. It happens gradually until the other person loses control over their own life and everything they believe in and dream of is taken from them.

So what is manipulative behaviour and how can it be prevented before someone’s too deep in and totally dependent on another person for everything, thoughts, values, dreams, and choices?

When one person dictates every aspect of someone’s life, even takes it upon themselves to set boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable, that’s the time to draw a line and move on or risk being a slave to the other person, and, sadly, abused.

Manipulation is just as unacceptable as any form of mental and physical abuse.

Everyone’s encountered people with strong opinions on most things which is fine. But it’s not okay to force them on other people and dictate they live by and accept another person’s convictions, values and attitudes. This can so easily turn into aggression and volatile behaviour is very common in relationships where one partner dictates the other person’s life.

Relationships are based on mutual love and respect. If someone purports to love and care for you yet expects you to live by their rules and aren’t willing to change and seek help the time has come to break free and move on. Life’s precious and mustn’t be wasted on people who are controlling. Especially not if also addicted to drugs and physically abusive. Always remember a good healthy relationship enriches and inspires the best life whereas a bad relationship will destroy everything that makes life worth living.

Enjoy life.
Hélene xx

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