Memories and Accepting That Nothing Stays The Same

Have you ever wondered why people love to revisit memories and places from the past? Why are we so reluctant to leave the past behind and only recall the good times?
When I first returned to my home town, Malmö, I felt overwhelmed by all the new places that had replaced the ones that I used to visit and spend time with friends and family in. It’s funny the way the memories of them stuck in my mind, like an old movie of how my life used to be years ago when I was very young and my parents were still alive.
In particular, the street where we lived and people I used to know. Neighbours whose daily lives coincided with mine: attending the same nursery, school and eventually applying for the same jobs. Where are they now? What’s happened to them? Significantly, would we have anything in common after all these years?
I found that I don’t have the answers to my own questions. Most of the people I used to know disappeared from my life just like I did in theirs. All that’s left are memories of how we were back then, in another era and time. Memories that become more blurred as time passes by and life progresses.
A wise person a long time ago advised me to never look back except when I feel the need to go back in time to a happy moment and place.
I’m just as prone to sentimentality and nostalgic memories of times long gone but I’ve come to realise it’s better to live in the present for the future. Family and friends mean a lot to me regardless of whether they’re still around. I cherish the memories of loved ones and bring out old photos to remind me of special times. But I never let the past dictate my life here and now.
We are born and die alone. It’s what we do with the time we’ve got that truly matters.
I’ve lost count of all the lovely people and places I’ve encountered over the years.
The world is a lonely place to be unless there’s someone special to share things with. Nowadays, I tend to appreciate every moment much more than I used to. I stay away from places I’ve not visited for many years because I know they’ll not be the same as I recall. Places are only special when we remember precious moments in time. I’ve revisited a few cafes and restaurants over the years but without the people I shared the moments with none of them mattered as much to me anymore.
I far prefer to live in the present with the people that matter most to me and each of us doing what we enjoy, and carrying the people we’ve loved and lost in our hearts.
Wishing all of you a joyous time with the people you love, making precious new memories.
Hélene xx

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