My Guilty Pleasure

Don’t you just love watching an old movie, featuring your favourite actors or music that remind of happy times?

Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again is awesome and my guilty pleasure.

Being a native Swede, growing up with ABBAs songs it’s only natural  I couldn’t resist taking the time to watch the sequel to Mamma Mia.

Seated in the crowded foyer of the cinema not far from where I live, everyone around me were just as excited to hear the songs and watch their favourite actors. Just anticipating the experience brought back flashbacks of when I was younger and listened to each new track and album.

The film is just as exhilarating and wonderful as I expected. This time round the cast’s extended with wonderful Cher whose rich voice and performances give an even more fulfilling experience of how much ABBAs music still captures audiences around the world. That night I felt just as happy and carefree as I did all those years ago when the group emerged and united fans all over the world.

But no matter how much fun the cast and script bring to the equation, what matters most is the Music, the everlasting songs and lyrics that transport me and people everywhere to another, more carefree time. Just like the stage production, the films enhance my life and after I watched both I felt just as happy and good about myself and life in general as when I first saw them perform in The People’s Park in my home town many years ago and long before they became world famous.

Watching the events on screen and singing along to the numerous tracks made me happy to be alive and fuelled my energy to work even harder on current and up and coming projects.

Just like everyone else, I’ve got my own special favourite songs and memories of special people and moments at the time. The world has changed since ABBA arrived on the scene but some things stay the same. Love, friendship and the timeless songs, music and memories each of us have when listening to the old tracks. Irrelevant of era and time, the songs still have the power to appeal to old and new generations.

So THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC ABBA and the songs that still contribute to my and many people’s lives.

How about you, have you got a special memory of ABBA and their everlasting music?

I look forward to your comments.

With much love;
Hélene xx

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