Natural Beauty Versus Cosmetic Intervention

Are you like me, thinking a lot of people look unnatural?

I counsel a lot of people whose main ambition is to look younger than their age. Why? This makes them feel miserable as most treatments are painful, carry health risks and frequently don’t end with one or two ‘nips and tucks’.

My clients and friends tell me they want to be and look like the best version of themselves. I tell them that comes from being your own person, not others definition of who and what you ought to be.

What makes people think plastic surgery and Botox transform lives?

The only thing that truly matters is how we feel about ourselves. And if current trends and fashions demand we look and behave in a certain way, we’ll lose that special quality that defines and makes each of us unique.

As a mature woman, striving to look and feel my best, I actually embrace every line and crease on my face and body. They show I’m alive and how much I enjoy life and living. Who wants a stiff face, pouty lips (they only look great on Donald Duck!) and the inability to not move a muscle, nor smile and laugh? Not me.

When did getting older and age naturally become so unfashionable, and angst-ridden women (and men) go under the knife and inject all kinds of stuff to look like like a copy of someone else?

I don’t mind a bit of airbrushing in a photo shoot and I love glamorous makeup and looking after myself, but that’s as far as it goes.

How about you?

Do you feel the need to follow trends and let others dictate what you look like, or are you content and confident with how you are and look?

I look forward to your comments.
Hélene xx

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