Precious Moments and Memories

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, everyone is so busy online that we often overlook what is happening in the real world, creating memories and purposefully living in the moment.

Clients frequently seek my advice on how to make connections with real people – lasting, in-depth connections that become more meaningful over time.

It got me thinking recently about the reasons why so many rely on superficial trends that inevitably come and go. Superficiality is a problem as it lures us into thinking that we’re part of something, when in reality we’re just subscribing to a new trend. Unfortunately these trends are often fleeting.

While I find that current trends and Internet connections can provide excitement and the opportunity for new experiences, my concern is that they have the potential to take away from what is happening in the moment, and can even take up valuable time in our everyday lives, robbing us of our connections to real people.

We are consumed with the latest gadgets, social media and anything of a technical nature. No wonder mental illnesses are increasing, especially among young people. Loneliness is a huge problem and technology is no substitute for real, valuable communication and sense of belonging.

I’m just as keen to keep myself updated with technical advances as everyone else. As an author I have to engage on many levels and I am comfortable with that. However, I draw the line where personal matters are affected.

Some things are simply too special to share with strangers, in particular, precious moments and memories. Things that belong to me, and the people that are closest to me.

I lost my beloved parents some time ago and not a day goes by when I don’t think of them, but I don’t need to share my feelings with anyone unless I want to. They are in my heart and I carry my moments and memories with me no matter where I happen to be at the time.

Precious moments and memories are special. They’re our unique way to remember and cherish the people, pets, places and things that we love. Love doesn’t go away and the history that we share with the people we love is a very special and invaluable bond, created from mutual values and connections. I find it difficult to understand how a similar relationship can be formed online as everything happens at a much quicker pace, and how well do we really know someone when they are hidden behind a computer screen?

Instant gratification versus long term relationships and mutual respect? The latter wins hands down every time.

Every birthday, Christmas and anniversaries I recall precious moments and memories.

All I have to do is watch an old home movie or look at a photo and I am instantly taken back to another time and reminded of the importance of what I felt. Those moments in time are special as they remind us of who we are and where we come from. No technical invention can achieve and replace that feeling of joy when holding a photo that reflects and brings back an old precious memory. I can recall what it felt like to be part of what happened, even what year and how much I and the people in the photo enjoyed the time we spent together. Memories like that are priceless. Special memories stay with us forever and they don’t require plastic enhancements or airbrushing  They’re perfect just the way they are in our minds
and hearts.

Now, more than ever, children need good realistic role models instead of a pretend existence where humanity and feelings take a backseat to being trendy and engaging with everything yet feeling lonelier despite being surrounded by people and numerous choices.

So, the next time you take the time to engage with real people, make the most of it by being mindful and present.

Nurture who and what matters most to you and good things will come your way.

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