His Guilty Secret

Secrets and lies are dangerous


When Jacques’s body is discovered in a hotel room his wife, Patricia, suspects he has been hiding something from her.

Why was he found naked and who is the woman that visited his grave on the day of the funeral? Significantly, who is the unnamed beneficiary Jacques has left a large sum of money to in his will, and what is the reason her best friend, and Jacques’s sister, Coco, refuses to tell her what he confided to her?

As one revelation after another is revealed, Patricia is yet to discover her husband’s biggest secret, and, what ultimately killed him.

His Guilty Secret is an examination of the tangled bonds between siblings, the lengths we go to in protecting our wrongdoings, and the enduring psychological effect this has on the innocent…and the not so innocent.

With unexpected twists and turns and many interwoven themes of love, dishonesty and deceit it is a beguiling and thoroughly compelling read.

- If In Doubt Read

There’s something so crisp, clean and refreshing about Hélene Fermont’s writing that it is very aptly referred to as having a scandi-feel.

- Michelle at The Book Magnet

Five huge stars I loved every page. So many secrets! Buy His Guilty Secret, it’s a splendid read. Helene Fermont has now become my new favourite author!

- I Read Novels