Who’s Sorry Now?

Four short stories about love and betrayal


Do we really know the people we love?
Can love be rekindled?
Do dreams come true?

The truth always comes out in the end.

Who’s Sorry Now? is a collection of four short stories about love and betrayal.

"The pace is perfect and what I really loved is that some of the stories had me wanting more, but not feeling like I was missing out. Full of intrigue, mystery, suspense and humour."

- Crime Book Junkie

"Who’s Sorry Now is a great way of trying out a new author or for anyone who is short for time and likes short stories. It definitely borders more on the darker side and is a good showcase of what readers can look forward to in full length novels by the author."

- Sarah Hardy

"Each story was well written and in such a way that I would love to read more from Helene. There is certainly a knack to writing short stories and for me, Helene Fermont has nailed it."

- Emma Clark