Psychological Crime Novels with A Twist and A Description of My Fourth Novel

Welcome to this week’s blog where I explain how my writing style compares to my fellow Scandinavian authors and introduce you to my new novel, which is currently in the process of being written!

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Scandi authors don’t shy away from subject matters that can be difficult to address and discuss. I’m a native Swede and quite direct and write from the heart. My writing is noted for its graphic and at times brutally honest prose and dialogue. I take that as a compliment as honesty about what takes place and what my characters go through in their lives are similar to real life. My characters represent a variety of human traits which explain the reason for their behaviour and actions.

I enjoy books that make me feel as if I’m part of the characters lives and story line. Stories that make me think, feel and guess until the end. It’s not so much how it ends but how it makes me feel deep inside. Sadly, too many books are based on what’s popular at the time. I want my writing to inspire people to imagine and remember my characters and plots long after they’ve finished reading the novel.

My New Novel

Well, after writing three novels with a partly Swedish narrative, I’m temporarily abandoning my native city of Malmö, to write a crime novel with a psychological twist. The novel’s set in Norway and like I’ve mentioned previously, no one and nothing are what they seem. This time my characters are Norwegian and extremely multi dimensional. Scandinavia is the setting for many crime novels and my novel is just as exciting but with my own unique twist.

My characters are very different people with one thing in common: A brutal event that takes place on one fateful night a long time ago. One leading character is out is out to revenge another who they hold responsible for a loved one’s death.

When a dead body is dragged out of a river running through the capital of Oslo, it’s not long before links are made with an old murder case years ago. Re-opening the case, it becomes evident one night’s events have returned to haunt three unexpected victims many years later. But the person behind the brutal killings isn’t working alone. Someone’s watching over them, dictating their every move. Someone who is determined to get justice no matter how long it takes to track down and punish the people they believe ruined their life.

Imagine bloodstains in the thick white snow, beautiful scenery, forest and lakes in the background of hideous crimes and revenge.

I will update you on my novel’s progress in Sweden.

Teddy and I are traveling to Malmö after the Easter break. His passport’s been issued and I’ve packed his new toys. I can’t wait to have him next to me in his wooden box while writing. This time we’re flying to Copenhagen where we’ll be picked up and travel by car over the Öresund Bridge to our home in Malmö. We’ll arrive in time for summer, beautiful beaches and parks.

I wish all of you a fabulous Easter break,

Hélene & Teddy

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