Romantic Living

Romantic Living4th July 2018

Thoughts - By: jennie

I still believe in love and romance despite what goes on around me in an ever increasing dangerous and stressful society.

Love and being with the people I love and care about make me happy and fulfilled.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to meet and share their life with the person that’s meant for them.

Some people strike it right the first time they encounter and fall in love with someone. Others take time to find and connect with a soulmate that’s right for them in many ways. Let’s be brutally honest. No one is capable of fulfilling all our expectations and needs. It takes time, patience and a willingness to compromise to achieve a happy co existence with fellow humans.

Looking back on my life so far I’ve been blessed with meeting and sharing special times and moments with extraordinary people. People who contribute to the person I am now. Special people who stay in my heart indefinitely.

What does romantic living mean to you?

For me it’s living here and now, making the most of each day and everything it brings to my life. Taking a walk in one of the numerous parks, throwing a party, meeting friends over a drink and cosy dinner at either of our places and having a conversation. Picking up from where we left things and knowing how much we matter to each other.

I’m fascinated by other people’s tales of how they met and fell in love with their partner. It inspires me to write my novels and create characters whose lives and dilemmas represent real people and situations. Unlike many fellow authors I don’t know the exact outcome of my novels until I’ve written at least one third of the story.

How about you? Do you believe in romance and sharing your life with that special person? How do you define romantic living? As always, I look forward to your comments.

With love,
Hélene x

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