The Treatment of Vulnerable Individuals

Vulnerable People

I don’t know about you, but I’m very sensitive to other people’s treatment of fellow humans, particularly vulnerable individuals whose lives depend on others kindness and being there when times are tough. I guess it’s the reason why I opted to be a psychologist.

Nowadays, so many people fall outside of what is construed to be acceptable.

Vulnerable people – losing the ability to care for oneself, paying bills and depend on others for daily things, food, shelter and, above all, being devoid of human contact, can find their circumstances devastating. Many of my clients complain that they’re invisible, that people turn a blind eye whenever they are around, pretending they don’t exist. At times, so feel that others go so far as feel embarrassed to be in the same room.

How would you feel if you suddenly lost everyone and everything that meant something to you? I know I’d feel completely lost and incapable of dealing with such a life changing event unless I had people that care about me.

Part of my job is to assist clients seeking benefits while too distraught and incapacitated to work. Each time I get involved with the process what strikes me most is how inconsiderately that the vulnerable are treated by social services and their appointed officers. Many refuse to go through the humiliating process that is required to get money to pay for accommodation, heating and food.

Contrary to their treatment, the same governmental body accepts landlords complete lack of respect and greediness, increase of rent and heat and electricity providers hefty charges. In my view they display a complete lack of empathy and respect. I’ve frequently had no option but to find local council housing for clients who otherwise would have had to sleep rough in the street or on a park bench.

It makes me wonder how people can live with themselves, exploiting others who for whatever reason are worse off than them.

Sadly, this indifference and calculated attitude are part of life and reflection of our society. We see it everywhere: People who purport to be experts on something and ripping off innocent customers whose dreams are crushed when they realise they’ve been exploited. Charging extortionate fees for non-existent services that are best referred to as disservices since that is what they truly are.

Killing someone’s dreams and aspirations by slowly and calculatingly making them believe everything will turn out right in the end is, in my view, completely unforgivable. When someone purports to know what they’re doing yet charges money for absolutely nothing it feels like a betrayal of the worst kind.

It takes courage to pursue a dream and ask for help when life doesn’t turn out the way we wish and plan.

How can some people justify acts of pure greed and selfishness? I don’t understand how they can sleep at night and continue as if nothing untoward happened. People who crush someone’s dream, hopes and aspirations ought to be penalised.

It takes much strength, courage and determination to survive that kind of deception.

The new GDPR legislation got me thinking. How come the restrictions aren’t extended to cover everything on and off line? Surely, consumers have the right to expect professionals are checked prior to setting up an online business?I’ve encountered too many people who have been forced to give up on what truly matter after becoming victims of scams.

Living in a digital era has its pros and cons. Accessing services and connecting directly with them online don’t equate a good service. Living in a faceless society we’ve come to rely on what people tell us is true. I know I’m not alone thinking how sad it is to time after time get disappointed when what we believed in yet again failed to live up to our expectations.

Everyone has the right to be treated kindly and with respect, including the vulnerable. I wish all of you best of luck with the people you put your trust in. They’re a rare breed and worthy of our investment in them.

Lots of love,
Hélene xx

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