Unconditional Love

Don’t you just love a good old fashioned love song and story?
Especially, if both relate to people you know and care about?

While preoccupied with the final edit of my new Crime Novel,
I bumped into an old friend whose first love turned out to be the love
of their life.

When people share a special love, history and deep respect and friendship,
they nearly always make things work and have a very close bond.

What would you prefer, lust or love or perhaps a combination of both?
Lust fades with time but love becomes deeper and more meaningful
and is what unites people and cements a relationship.

So many times, people tell me they’ve met the person of their dreams.
When I ask them what that means, they refer to the number of dates
they’ve had on Tinder or other online dating sites. After a few weeks or months
of intense dating which normally extends to physical interaction ( I was brought up
to be polite! ) The spark’s gone and they move on to the next profile.

It saddens me people judge someone by their appearance and whether trendy
instead of looking for a deep connection. Sure, attraction’s important but what about
the whole person, mind, body and soul? They are what truly connect people.

Speaking of which, I used to be an avid fan of Wham! Spandau Ballet and Shirlie
and Pepsi years ago. I still am. A true romantic, I’m over the moon Shirlie
and Martin Kemp at long last made an album together. What a lovely couple
and so representative of how two people work out and fit so well with each other.

Unconditional love wins over disastrous superficial relationships every time.
After all, true love can’t be found through a site unless both are willing to really get
to know each other and sweat out the small and big stuff over time.
Thanks Shirlie and Martin for the lovely memories and songs 💜


In The Swing Of It is released on November 22nd

Wishing all of you a cosy and lovely Halloween.
Much love
Hélene xx

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