Vive La Difference!

Are you of the same opinion?

The Me Too movement is great and well overdue.

In 2018 the increasingly common abuse and assault of women everywhere are shocking. Incidentally, men fall prey to sexual advances and abuse as well.

But where do we draw the line between sexual abuse and innocent flirting?

Men are scared of showing interest and being construed as sexual predators if they get too close for comfort. Gestures and displays of love and affection are frequently viewed as abusive behaviour.

Women love a gentleman. The kind of man that opens a door, makes the effort to help us get in and out of a car. Inviting us to dinner in a nice restaurant and never expecting we pay for our share of the meal. Wonderful engaging conversations where we’re made to feel special and someone to open up our hearts and minds with.

Manners and a keen interest in who we are, not just our appearance and superficial interests, whether we prefer to spend time in a trendy bar or restaurant, but instead a cosy place to relax and get to know the other person on a deep level are paramount to feeling safe and relaxed with an initial stranger or acquaintance.

Call me old fashioned but I’m not the only woman that misses romantic gestures like back in the days of men and women courting and getting to know one another prior to embarking on a relationship.

Why are so many men and women abiding by what’s expected of them and what society dictates?

Wearing identical clothing, acting in a similar manner instead of being and expressing who they really are? Attending the same clubs, gyms and social events, restaurants and cafes, not forgetting displaying an expected code of behaviour on the beach and commons this time of year. With nearly every conversation focused on the latest trends, and who is involved with whom.

Yet on the surface of what’s construed as socially accepted behaviour, very few get close and connect in a meaningful way.

Please don’t be of the opinion I’m old fashioned and set in my ways because I’m not. I live in the same society like everyone else, for better and worse.

But I think it’s such a waste of life and time to focus on superficial things instead of getting close and connecting on a deeper level, away from the usual stuff that take up so much energy and time in our daily lives.

Some places have that special atmosphere frequently connected with past romantic experiences. Paris, Rome, New York are lovely cities all year round and everyone has a special connection with their favourite city and places.

French people love to flirt. It’s a rare commodity nowadays and ought not to be mistaken for harassment if expressed in a polite manner.

Have we become so suspicious of other people’s motives that we’re incapable of differentiating between an innocent gesture of interest to get to know someone and potential assault? I genuinely hope that’s not the case.

Be wary of people you don’t know yet open to the idea that not every person you encounter is after something. Stay safe and listen to your gut feeling.

Flirting can be exciting and exhilarating. An expression of wanting to get to know someone and interact without hidden motives and a sinister agenda.

Vive La Difference. After all, it’s what makes us special and enriches our lives.

Stay safe and open to life’s wonderful possibilities where you are.


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