What I Want This Christmas

Can you believe that time of year is just around the corner?

Every year I tell myself I ought to be organised and not postpone everything until the last minute. Fat chance of that! Just like most people I always leave things to the last minute. Client reports, finishing a project, and promotional and marketing activities are prioritised. And when they’re done, I’m too exhausted to focus on anything else.

All I want for Christmas is a lovely time with the people I love and a fresh start in the new year. Lovely conversations, food and wine and the chance to think ahead about what the future might bring. Everything happens so fast and it concerns me no one lives in the moment anymore. Life passes by so quickly, and unless we take the time to enjoy precious moments, we’ll have very few special times to look back on.

What I really want is to catch up with people I’ve not seen for a long time.You know what I mean … the ones we’ve kept in touch with sporadically, promising we’ll meet in the new year and pick up from where we’ve left things. Yet for some reason we don’t and soon Christmas arrives again.

Life isn’t forever. Holidays come and pass.Every day of the year ought to matter. Not just special days. It’s the reason I’ve vowed to prioritise those who matter to me, because it’s too late for regrets when they’re no longer around.

This year’s no different from last year. The world’s a dangerous place to live. Whether you’re for or against Brexit, or feel upset about life in general and wish it could be different and more safe. Rest assured, what we have is all we’ve got for now.

Make every day count and always bear in mind what truly matters is family and friends.

Wishing all of you a wonderful festive season and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Hélene xx

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